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Watch Ice Age 4 online free stream full movie. I admit there's been a real effort to create an original story that might bring the characters in another world and make them live another adventure, different from the previous ones. I think this part is a total failure. Not to mention the "song" they put in the movie, it was nothing but ridiculous and irrelevant, especially for a movie series as famous as Ice Age. I thought it was unnecessary.

Watch Ice Age 4 free online full movie. A bunch of new characters freshen up the film, with a band of pirates, including a love interest for Diego and Sid is accompanied by his grandmother who is humorously oblivious to the dangerous situations the characters get into. Scrat also gets plenty of time chasing his elusive acorn, with the footage that was released as part of advertisements (Scrat's Continental Crack-Up) comprising in the film.

Watch Ice Age 4 online free full movie. I think without realising it, Pixar have fallen a little way behind Blue Sky in a way, because Ice Age is STILL great to watch, four movies in, , other than Toy Story which whilst great, is pretty much the same movie remixed for each iteration, I don't think anything Pixar has done could work at this consistently high level in four movies on the same characters.

The story line was flat and predictable and with all the new characters brought in they were all flat and under developed. The only new character that brought any kind of Joy to the movie was Sid's granny who was the only light in what could only be described (for the first time of it's series) as a very cheesy children's movie. Watch Ice Age 4 full movie online free.